It’s hard to believe – but our inaugural network conference took place a full five years ago in Freiburg! Since then, this blog has been in existence, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has contributed over the years. We are still convinced that it’s a good place to make […]

Guest post by our network member Ute Schneider, JGU Mainz The Edinburgh History of Reading. Vols. 1-4: Early Readers, ed. by Mary Hammond. Modern Readers, ed. by Mary Hammond. Common Readers, ed. by Jonathan Rose. Subversive Readers, ed. by Jonathan Rose. Edinburgh University Press 2020. ISBN 978-1-47446191-7, £ 350. Link to publication on Edinburgh UP […]

The Gutenberg Institute for World Literature and Written Media with its research area Book Studies is seeking to appoint an assistant professor (W1) for Book Studies as soon as possible. More information on Book Studies at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz can be found on the research area’s website, and the job advertisement can be found […]

Submitted by our network member Ute Schneider, Mainz Following the expert conference on the topic of “Dimensions of Reading” at Herrenhausen Castle near Hanover (2019), which was financed by the Volkswagen Foundation, the organizers Prof. Dr. Simone Ehmig (Stiftung Lesen, Mainz), Prof. Dr. Svenja Hagenhoff (Book Studies, FAU Erlangen), and Prof. Dr. Ute Schneider (Book […]

The Gutenberg Jahrbuch 2020, edited by Stephan Füssel (Mainz), typesetting and cover design by Ralf de Jong (Essen), was published in June. The Gutenberg Jahrbuch is the central scholarly publication organ of International Gutenberg Society,  founded in 1926 by Aloys Ruppel. Highlights this year include contributions on the international teamwork in Strasbourg, Mainz and Italy, […]

Review by Corinna Norrick-Rühl, Münster The history of paperback books is a fascinating topic, since it brings together research on book history, popular culture, fiction and non-fiction, the social history of literature, and many more strands of inquiry. In his new book, Das Taschenbuch. Geschichte – Verlage – Reihen, Günther Fetzer offers an unique handbook-like introduction to […]

The Fachinformationsdienst Buch-, Bibliotheks- und Informationswissenschaft (FID), led and located at Herzog August Bibliothek in cooperation with Leipzig University Library, is seeking a full-time research associate. All the necessary information can be found here.

Our network member, Simon Rosenberg, has just published his dissertation. Congratulations, Simon! The monograph Book Value Categories and the Acceptance of Technological Changes in English Book Production has just appeared in the book series “Münsteraner Monographien zur englischen Literatur / Münster Monographs on English Literature” (link to book series) with Peter Lang. The digital age […]

We are delighted to share this news about a new publication by our network member Charlotte Kempf. Congratulations, Charlotte! With the establishment of a press at University of Paris in 1470, the history of printing presses in the French speaking world began. One of the founders was the German scholar Johannes Heynlin von Stein. He marks […]

Edited by Christoph Reske. With contributions in English or German by (among many others) Robert Darnton, Falk Eisermann, Christine Haug, Michael Knoche, Alberto Manguel, Gabriele Müller-Oberhäuser, Paul Needham and Eric White, this new edited volume was just published with the Harrassowitz Verlag in Wiesbaden. More information and the table of contents can be found here. […]

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted on all aspects of lives, but nowhere has this been more visible than in the conflation of public and private workspace. As we work from home and attend endless online meetings, our bookshelves are suddenly on public display. This conference will ask speakers to critically examine this particular cultural phenomenon, […]