Monthly Archives: March 2022

New publication: Simone Zweifel: Aus Büchern Bücher machen. Zur Produktion und Multiplikation von Wissen in frühneuzeitlichen Kompilationen (Berlin/Boston: de Gruyter 2021).

One of our founding members has published her dissertation on early modern books. Simone Zweifel’s disseration on “making books out of books” analyses the practice of compilation from the 16th to the 19th century. To create something new by using existing texts was a common practice at this time. To do so, the authors needed […]

New publication: Uwe Jochum: Lesezeug. Das Buch zum Buch (Heidelberg: Winter Verlag, 2021)

Network members and blog followers may be interested in this new publication by Uwe Jochum, which answers questions such as “is the book an artefact?”, “is the book a machine?”, “is the book a medium?” – and gives a broad introduction into the book today. Link to book on publisher website.