Monthly Archives: November 2013

Event: Book launch «Gut zum Druck! – Streifzüge durch 525 Jahre Druck- und Verlagsgeschichte in Basel»

On the occasion of their 525-year anniversary, the Swiss printer and publisher Schwabe are launching a new book on their company history. Under the title «Gut zum Druck! – Streifzüge durch 525 Jahre Druck- und Verlagsgeschichte in Basel», Corina Lanfranchi researched the history of the printing and publishing house Schwabe, which was originally founded in […]

Event: Reading historical sources in the digital age, Luxembourg, 5-6.12.2013

The Centre Virtuel de la Connaissance sur l’Europe (CVCE), together with the Jean Monnet Chair in History of European Integration (University of Luxembourg, FLSHASE) and its research programme ‘Digital Humanities Luxembourg’ — DIHULUX (research unit Identités-Politiques-Sociétés-Espaces (IPSE)) — and the University of Luxembourg’s Master’s in Contemporary European History, are organising the DHLU Symposium 2013. It […]

Event: Conference on Hermann Kurz (28-30 November 2013)

Hermann Kurz (1813–1873) was a German poet, journalist and novelist and later university librarian of the University of Tübingen. He also translated works into German from a number of European language, for example Chateaubriand’s works or texts by Cervantes. To commemorate his 200th birthday, a three-day conference is being held in Tübingen at the end […]

Scholarship opportunity: The history of German photo books

The German society for photography (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie e.V.) has advertised scholarship opportunities for research on the history of the German photo book. Book historical and print historical studies are particularly welcome. More information can be found here.