Monthly Archives: May 2022

News: The “Netzwerk Historische Wissens- und Gebrauchliteratur” seeks new members

— seen on SHARP-L, reposting with more details here for our followers and network members — In 2020, the “Netzwerk Historische Wissens- und Gebrauchliteratur” was founded. It is dedicated to knowledge-mediating texts of all sorts, their research and cultural contexts. The temporal focus is on the middle ages and the early modern period. Currently, the […]

New publication: Barbara Krauß (ed.): 150 Jahre Harrassowitz Verlag. Katalog der lieferbaren Titel 2022 mit Beiträgen zur Verlagsgeschichte und zum Programm (Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag 2022).

In July 2022, the publisher Otto Harrassowitz celebrates its 150th birthday. For this occasion, Harrassowitz Verlag has compiled a list of all available titles. In addition to this list, the book shows highlights of the history of this publishing house and its departments. The book also gives insights into production, distribution and advertising, and longtime […]