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New publication: E. Böker: Skandinavische Bestseller auf dem deutschen Markt (Königshausen & Neumann, 2018)

We are delighted to share information about a new publication by one of our associated scholars. Dr. Elisabeth Böker (MA in Buchwissenschaft and History from JGU Mainz, PhD in Scandinavian Studies from Göttingen University within the Framework of the DFG Graduiertenkolleg 1787 – Literatur und Literaturvermittlung im Zeitalter der Digitalisierung) has just published her dissertation […]

New publication: “Reading Books and Prints as Cultural Objects”, ed. Evanghelia Stead

Adapted from the press release on In 2015, Evanghelia Stead convened a conference on “Reading Books and Prints as Cultural Objects” in Freiburg at FRIAS (see our conference report here). A few weeks ago, a volume with the same title was published in Palgrave’s series “New Directions in Book History”. The book, edited by […]

New publication: Ulrich Huse (ed.): Zensur und Medienkontrolle in demokratischen Gesellschaften. Kodex 7 (2017)

Kodex is the annual publication of the Internationale Buchwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft (IBG), based in Munich (more information here), published by Harrassowitz in Wiesbaden. The newest issue (volume 7) was published late last year, containing contributions from the 17th annual IBG conference, which was held in Stuttgart in July 2016 – we posted the CfP on our […]

New publication: Reader “Meilensteine buchwissenschaftlicher Forschung”, eds. Schneider, Füssel et al., Wiesbaden 2017

While English-language students of book history and print culture have the tried and tested “Book History Reader” (eds. Finkelstein/McCleery, 2nd edition 2006) at their disposal, German-speaking students of Buchwissenschaft have so far not had access to a comparable collection of seminal texts. Thanks to a group of MA students of Buchwissenschaft at JGU Mainz in […]

New publications: “Books in Motion in Early Modern Europe. Beyond Production, Circulation and Consumption” and “Magical Manuscripts in Early Modern Europe The Clandestine Trade In Illegal Book Collections”

We are happy to share the following publication announcements of our associated scholar Prof. Daniel Bellingradt: Books in Motion in Early Modern Europe. Beyond Production, Circulation and Consumption Published in Palgrave’s “New Directions in Book History” series, “Books in Motion in Early Modern Europe. Beyond Production, Circulation and Consumption” presents and explores a challenging new […]

New publication: “Wie im Bilderbuch. Zur Aktualität eines Medienphänomens”, ed. A. Russegger & T. Waldner

The proceedings of the 2014 annual conference of the Internationale Buchwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft (IBG; see our conference announcement and conference report) have been published by the Austrian StudienVerlag in their series “Angewandte Literaturwissenschaft”. The title of the publication is Wie im Bilderbuch. Zur Aktualität eines Medienphänomens. More information (in German) can be found here.

New publication: Authorship and digital literature by Heiko Zimmermann

Heiko Zimmermann (Uni Trier) has just published a monograph on authorship and digital literature which may be of interest to our followers and readers. More precisely, the book deals with the changing role(s) of author/reader/text within literature that is increasingly using the digital sphere as a space for aesthetic expression. Zimmermann develops and proposes a […]