Monthly Archives: June 2022

New Publication: Jan Hillgärtner: News in Times. The Development of the German Newspaper, 1605–1650 (Leiden/ Boston: Brill 2021).

Our network member Jan Hillgärtner has recently published his dissertation. Hillgärtner’s dissertation traces the development and spread of the newspaper and the development of the printing industry in Germany in the first half of the seventeenth century. Based on an inspection of all printed newspapers of this period, the book offers an overview of regional […]

CFP: Spuren der Oralität in mittelalterlicher Schriftlichkeit – Traces of Orality in Medieval Writings

Many medieval writings show how fluid the transition from orality to writing is. This workshop is dedicated to the processes of writing down what was said in the Middle Ages and – beyond that – in pre-modern times. Although the focus is on the Middle Ages, contributions on other eras are welcome! The workshop is […]

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New Publication: Ursula Rautenberg/Anja Voeste: Typographie. Theoretische Konzeptionen, historische Perspektiven, künstlerische Applikationen (Stuttgart: Anton Hiersemann KG Verlag 2022).

Typography is an essential part of writing history. This volume brings together 21 illustrated overview articles from a variety of perspectives: semiotics, written linguistics to literature, translation and edition studies, book studies and art history. The volume presents several examples from the history of printing, shows the artistic significance of typography and explains theoretical conceptions […]