We would like to alert our followers and readers to the upcoming conference “The Refuge of Objects/ Objects of Refuge.” The symposium will be held in Mainz from December 14-18, 2016. From the organizers’ description: “The theme of the symposium is the material culture of ‘Refuge.’ In view of recent political events and natural catastrophes […]

This invitation has been sent to us by our associated scholar Daniel Bellingradt (Erlangen): The Institute for the Study of the Book at Erlangen University invites you to the following lectures on December 6 at 4.15pm: Daniel Bellingradt: “Magical Manuscripts as forbidden, lucrative and rare trade goods in the early modern book trade: The German situation around 1700” […]

The Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin has a position to fill in a current digitization project that is of interest to humanities scholars with a special focus on digital methods and tools. The successful candidate for the job will be responsible for developing a framework and a plan for digitizing dynamic and interactive book objects, primarily from […]

Re-posted from SHARP-L: Abstracts are invited to the panel “Books create a home. Exploring books and reading practices as domestic symbols and rituals” at the 13th international SIEF congress in Göttingen, 26-30 March 2017 (SIEF is the International Society for Ethnology and Folklore). Abstracts should be submitted by 7 November 2016 via this link. The […]

Evanghelia Stead’s inter-universitary seminar TIGRE, which takes place at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris and deals with reading books and prints as cultural objects, is being held for the 11th time. Stead was Senior Fellow at the Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies in 2014-2015; a brief conference report about her conference “Reading Books and Prints […]

The Forschungsverbund Marbach Weimar Wolfenbüttel is hosting a 2.5-day conference on authorship and libraries (“Autorschaft und Bibliothek. Sammlungsstrategien und Schreibverfahren”) in the Goethe-Nationalmuseum Weimar unter the direction of Stefan Höppner and Caroline Jessen.  Evening events are planned (open to the public)with Bernd Rauschenbach reading Arno Schmidt’s works (November 8, 7:30 pm) and with Marcel Beyer […]

The proceedings of the 2014 annual conference of the Internationale Buchwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft (IBG; see our conference announcement and conference report) have been published by the Austrian StudienVerlag in their series “Angewandte Literaturwissenschaft”. The title of the publication is Wie im Bilderbuch. Zur Aktualität eines Medienphänomens. More information (in German) can be found here.