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CfP: Summer School Literature Data and Digital Literature (July/August 2023)

We are happy to share the CfP for an international summer school of the Marbach Weimar Wolfenbüttel Research Associationin partnership with the project textklang (University of Stuttgart). More details can be found here.

CfP: Shakespeare Jahrbuch – special issue “Shakespeare and Libraries”

The 2024 volume of Shakespeare Jahrbuch will be a special issue on ‘Shakespeare’s Libraries’. The editorial board invites contributions on related themes, concepts and debates, from a variety of perspectives, in particular on the material afterlife of Shakespeare’s work in editions, collections and libraries through the ages. Contributions with a contemporary or historical perspective are equally welcome. More […]

CfP: Interdisziplinäres Seminar der Nachwuchsforschenden des CIERA – Interdisciplinary Seminar of Young Researchers (23 January 2023, Paris)

On 20 January 2023, the Centre interdisciplinaire d’études et de recherches sur l’Allemagne (CIERA) will hold a Franco-German workshop entitled “Interdisziplinäres Seminar der Nachwuchsforschenden des CIERA – Interdisciplinary Seminar of Young Researchers“. It is directed at master’s students and doctoral candidates doing Franco-German research in the humanities and social sciences. The aim of the workshop […]

CfP: Die Entstehung von deutschsprachigen Fachzeitschriften im 18. Jahrhundert – The emergence of German-language journals in the 18th century

In the 18th century, more precisely from 1750 onwards, specialist journals devoted to a field of knowledge and a specific science increasingly emerged. They appeared periodically, presented mostly shorter articles on the latest state of knowledge and established themselves as the central organ of scientific knowledge. However, these journals are still little studied in the […]

CfP: Gattung und Gegenwart (“Genre and the Present”)

The DFG-Graduiertenkolleg “Gegenwart/Literatur. Geschichte, Theorie und Praxeologie eines Verhältnisses” (“The Present/Literature. History, Theory and Praxeology of a Relationship”) is organising a conference on the relationship between genre and the present at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn from 22 to 24 June 2023 and has issued a call for papers. Contributions are requested for a 20-minute presentation […]

CfP: Colportage ‒ Pulp ‒ Modernism (Marburg University, March 16-17, 2023)

Marburg University is hosting a workshop in March on the topics of colportage, pulp and modernism. More information can be found here. The deadline for submission is October 16.

CFP: Spuren der Oralität in mittelalterlicher Schriftlichkeit – Traces of Orality in Medieval Writings

Many medieval writings show how fluid the transition from orality to writing is. This workshop is dedicated to the processes of writing down what was said in the Middle Ages and – beyond that – in pre-modern times. Although the focus is on the Middle Ages, contributions on other eras are welcome! The workshop is […]

Call for Papers: Sammelband Akademisches Lesen. Medien, Praktiken, Bibliotheken (eds. Stefan Alker-Windbichler, Axel Kuhn, Benedikt Lodes und Günther Stocker)

Stefan Alker-Windbichler, Axel Kuhn, Benedikt Lodes and Günther Stocker are seeking contributions for an edited collection on academic reading. More information can be found here. The deadline for 300-word abstracts is February 28, 2021.

CfP: Bookshelves in the Age of the COVID-19 Pandemic, November 3-4 2020 (online conference)

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted on all aspects of lives, but nowhere has this been more visible than in the conflation of public and private workspace. As we work from home and attend endless online meetings, our bookshelves are suddenly on public display. This conference will ask speakers to critically examine this particular cultural phenomenon, […]

CfP: Invitation for young researchers: “Everything but Reading … Praxeologies of Book Use” (Hannover, 16-18 September 2020)

Our network member Ute Schneider has asked us to share this CfP with our followers and readers. Conference: Schloss Herrenhausen, Hannover, 16-18 September 2020, sponsored by the Volkswagen Foundation Concept and organisation: Prof. Dr. Ursula Rautenberg (Buchwissenschaft, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg) and Prof. Dr. Ute Schneider (Buchwissenschaft, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz) Six young researchers (PhD students and postdocs, […]