Conference: Biographies of the Book, 5-8 April, Wolfenbüttel

We would like tmwwv-logo-grueno alert our followers and readers to an upcoming conference organized by the “Forschungsverbund MWW” in Wolfenbüttel on the “biographies of the book”. The book as a specific object, with its own history, its career, so to speak, will be discussed at this event, with contributions covering a broad range of topics and periods from the middle ages to today. Papers will deal with, among other things, the book as a hiding place, censored books, the aura of the book more generally, etc. The conference convener is Ulrike Gleixner. Speakers include William H. Sherman (London), Alfred Messerli (Zurich), Christine Haug (Munich), Stephanie Jacobs (Leipzig), Nicholas Pickwoad (London) and Ursula Rautenberg (Erlangen). The entire program can be downloaded here.


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