CfP: Terms, descriptive languages, representations of critical editions. Preparatory conference for a handbook on ‘Editionswissenschaft’, Heidelberg, 22-24 September 2016

This CfP comes from the HeidHFEelberger Forum Edition (speakers: Roland Reuß, Urs Heftrich). Conference conveners are Janina Reibold and Martina Engelbrecht.

This conference will pick up where Gunter Martens, Winfried Woesler and others left off in the 1990s. It also takes the volume »Editorische Begrifflichkeit. Überlegungen und Materialien zu einem ›Wörterbuch der Editionsphilologie‹« (2013) as a point of departure. 30-minute papers are requested focusing on a term and its concept(s). For instance, a paper should not be held primarily on the definition of the term ‘version’ but rather discuss the use, meaning(s) and problems associated with the term regarding the editing process. The conveners are particularly interested in contributions that deal with terms that are often used synonymously, e.g. ’emendation’ vs. ‘Konjektur’, ‘Kommentar’ vs. ‘Erläuterung’ vs. ‘Glosse’, etc.

Deadline: 30 April 2016. Please send 1-page abstracts to


Date/place: 22 to 24 September 2016, Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften

Conference website:


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