Hartfiel/Winnerling: (Making) Use of Books. Complete PDF and first issue of blog series

We are now delighted to publish the first issue of our series “Essays” as a PDF for open access download. The series is edited by our blog administration team: Doris Lechner, Corinna Norrick-Rühl, Alexander Starre and Simone Zweifel; it will appear irregularly as essays are published on the blog.

Essays No. 1 (October/November 2015)

The article by Kristina Hartfiel and Tobias Winnerling has been edited slightly compared to the original posts to allow for a better offline reading experience.

The original posts can be found here:

Introduction (Post 1/4)

The Object (Post 2/4)

Paratexts (Post 3/4)

Collections & Conclusion (Post 4/4)


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  1. […] reviews, conference reports, and essays. In 2015, we were particularly pleased to inaugurate our open access series with an essay supplied by Tobias Winnerling and Kristina Hartfiel. Please feel free to contact the administrators at bookhistorynetw@gmx.de if you would like to […]

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