News: The “Netzwerk Historische Wissens- und Gebrauchliteratur” seeks new members

— seen on SHARP-L, reposting with more details here for our followers and network members —

Screenshot of the blog’s landing page

In 2020, the “Netzwerk Historische Wissens- und Gebrauchliteratur” was founded. It is dedicated to knowledge-mediating texts of all sorts, their research and cultural contexts.

The temporal focus is on the middle ages and the early modern period. Currently, the linguistic focus is on German, though the network plans to widen its scope to include any vernacular texts of the times.

Members of the network are currently preparing a handbook on the methods of this genre. The “Netzwerk” runs also a mailing list and a blog. There is a network meeting at least once a year as well as a series of digital evening colloquia. If you are interested in this, the network is happy to welcome new members (minimum contribution 10 €, regular contribution 30 €).

Link to the declaration of accession


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