Cfp: Scholarship in Software, Software as Scholarship: From Genesis to Peer Review

Digital Humanities@Universität Bern and are organising a workshop and a round table in the field of the Digital Humanities.

‘Expressions’, 29 January 2015: Workshop on Software-based Scholarship

On 29 January 2015 there will be a workshop at the University of Bern (Hochschulstrasse 4) on software-based scholarship. The motivation for this workshop is the fact that computation and software analysis have entered many fields of scholarships, from which many digital outputs emerged. In these outputs, “there is some manifestation directly in the computer code of the scholarly thought that underlies the project, of the intellectual argument around which the outcome is based.” While this connection is, according to the organisers, well-accepted in research, what still remains controversial “is the attempt at identification, in any particular instance, of what scholarly contribution has been made by a piece of software.” Thus, they ask: “how do intellectual arguments — how does scholarship — come to be expressed in the software of digital humanities? How does this scholarship, so evident in theory but so elusive in practice, fit into the scientific process of advancement of knowledge?”

The organisers invite “early-career researchers and “alt-ac” practitioners within the digital humanities” to submit a 500-word abstract. Deadline is 11 October 2014.

You can find more information on:

‘Evaluation’, 30 January 2015: Round table on Peer Review for Digital Scholarly Work

A round table will take place on 30 January 2015 at the University of Bern (Hochschulstrasse 4) on “Peer Review for Digital Scholarly Work”. In the round-table, the before discussed question of the “expression of scholarship in software” will be discussed in regard to its evaluation. The organisers “welcome contributions about existing initiatives in this domain as well as more theoretical contributions that treat the topic of peer review of digital scholarly work.”

For the round table, the organisers invite submissions of a “200-word “position paper” indicating your intended contribution to the discussion.” Deadline is 11 October 2014.

Abstracts should be submitted to, who is also the contact person. The organisers “will notify contributors of decisions by 23 October. Selected papers arising from the event will appear in an issue of Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, to appear in early 2016.”

For both events, you can find more information on:


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