New publication: Milieus, Akteure, Medien. Zur Vielfalt literarischer Praktiken um 1900. [Engl. Milieus, Actors, Media. The Diversity of Literary Practices around 1900]


Guest post by Christian Berrenberg

New publication: Grage, Joachim/Schröder, Stephan Michael (eds.). Milieus, Akteure, Medien. Zur Vielfalt literarischer Praktiken um 1900. Würzburg: Ergon-Verlag, 2013.

The second anthology of the research project “Literary practices in Scandinavia around 1900” includes contributions from the field of German and Scandinavian Studies focusing on various practices embedded in literature around the turn of the 20th century (table of contents). Addressing the association between theories of practice and performativity, these works examine both those practices employed by prominent names in the field of literature, as well as those which can be defined by their inclusion and application of media or their association to specific milieus: authors’ public readings of literary texts, literary practices of the avant-garde and bohemian scenes, staging and reception of literature and press, the constitution of a milieu-specific concept of literature through practices in the labour movement, pupils’ reading of literature aloud at school and the intermedial forms of staging literature at book exhibitions. These examples demonstrate that literary history should not only consider text- and media-historic processes, but also the origins and development of those practices. Two dissertations, one addressing literature and literary practices in the Norwegian labour movement, and the other focusing on the public reading of authors’ works, will follow in this book series. Further information about the anthology can be found on the project’s homepage.


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