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New Publication: Arthur der Weduwen, Malcolm Walsby: The Book World of Early Modern Europe. Essays in Honour of Andrew Pettegree. 2 vols. (Leiden/Boston: Brill 2022)

Andrew Pettegree is one of the most important scholars on the history of the Reformation, the book and communication. On the occasion of his 65th birthday, an opulent two-volume Festschrift was published which reflects his areas of interest and expertise. The contributions by a total of 43 scholars deal with Reformation and religious culture, religious […]

Conference: “Golden Leaves and Burned Books”. Religious Reform and Conflict in the Long European Reformation. WWU Münster, 3-4 March 2015

This conference announcement was shared with us by our network member Sarah Ströer. In processes of religious reform, books and other forms of written communication play a dominant role, both for individuals as well as for communities. Covering the period from the late Middle Ages to the Reformation in the sixteenth century, the colloquium focuses […]