CfP: Gattung und Gegenwart (“Genre and the Present”)

The DFG-Graduiertenkolleg “Gegenwart/Literatur. Geschichte, Theorie und Praxeologie eines Verhältnisses” (“The Present/Literature. History, Theory and Praxeology of a Relationship”) is organising a conference on the relationship between genre and the present at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn from 22 to 24 June 2023 and has issued a call for papers. Contributions are requested for a 20-minute presentation in German or English.

The relationship between genre and the present should be discussed: the present in (specific) genres (“Gegenwart in (spezifischen) Gattungen”), genres in their respective presences (“Gattungen in ihren jeweiligen Gegenwarten”) or the role of contemporary criticism and the present in genre theory and genre history (“die Rolle von Zeitkritiken und Gegenwart in Gattungstheorie und -geschichte”).

The abstract of max. 300 words should be sent with a short biographical note by 15 January 2023 to

The full call for papers (in German) with further details can be found here.

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