Book History Exhibition Online: UB Heidelberg

The library of the University of Heidelberg’s collections comprise about 1,800 incunabula and about 6,900 manuscripts. The library regularly holds exhibitions on book historical topics, for example on book art in the German Southwest (“Buchkunst im deutschen Südwesten”), forgeries in books (“FAKE: Fälschungen, wie sie im Buche stehen”) oder book art of the early 20th century in Germany (“Buchkunst des frühen 20. Jahrhunderts in Deutschland”). The exhibition rooms on the first floor of the old building are closed at the moment because they are being renovated, but all of these and other book historical exhibitions with exhibits and their descriptions can also be viewed online.

Link to the virtual exhibitions.

Example of an exhibit of the exhibition “Book Art in the German Southwest “: Otto von Passau: Die vierundzwanzig Alten, oder Der goldene Thron, Augsburg: Anton Sorg, 10. März 1480 (GW M28503), paper, 206 Bll., 21 woodcuts (incomplete copy), UB Heidelberg, Q 7436 qt. INC, Bl. 44b.


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