Reading Research Network position paper

Submitted by our network member Ute Schneider, Mainz

Following the expert conference on the topic of “Dimensions of Reading” at Herrenhausen Castle near Hanover (2019), which was financed by the Volkswagen Foundation, the organizers Prof. Dr. Simone Ehmig (Stiftung Lesen, Mainz), Prof. Dr. Svenja Hagenhoff (Book Studies, FAU Erlangen), and Prof. Dr. Ute Schneider (Book Studies, JGU Mainz), founded the first international and interdisciplinary research network for questions related to reading called “Network Reading Research”. The network connects researchers from various disciplines, including cognitive psychology, communication and media research, didactics, pedagogy, literature, linguistics, as well as book studies, from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Norway, Latvia, the USA and India. In a position paper, the members of the network agree to consider the reading of all types of texts as an object of research and to take the reading of world literature as seriously as that of a practical text. In addition, they commit themselves to treat reading with digital media on an equal footing with reading print products, and to take into account the respective characteristics of the carrier media and their conditions.

The signatories see the statement as an impulse and invitation to all colleagues to work together in an interdisciplinary network of reading research to open up research both conceptually and methodologically, as well as to address all dimensions of reading with basic and applied results.

Further information can be found at

Contact: Prof. Dr. Ute Schneider,


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