New publication: S. Simon: “Verleger als Leser und als Vermittler von Lesekultur: Britische Verlegerkarrieren zwischen 1800 und 1926 unter besonderer Berücksichtigung lesebiographischer Ansätze” (Berlin: Peter Lang Verlag, 2019)

Our network member Simon Rosenberg (WWU Münster) has just sent us the following news, which we are delighted to share with you.

9783631790243Publishers influence reading culture through the choice of works they publish. Similarly, they were influenced by the reading material they encountered during their lives. Sandra Simon’s PhD thesis, which has just been published by Peter Lang, offers an in-depth analysis of four publishing personalities in Britain in the nineteenth- and early twentieth centuries (William and Robert Chambers, C. Kegan Paul and J. M. Dent). Using methodologies of history of reading and publishing studies, she draws a vivid picture of the publishers’ respective reading biographies, their relationship to reading and books in general and shows how their reading experiences have shaped their publishing profiles.

This publication is accessible via open access.

More information about the monograph and access to the full text:



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