Workshop: “The Economics of Fixed Book Price Systems” (14-15 Nov 2019, Giessen, Germany)

The goal of the workshop, sponsored by the Börsenverein des deutschen Buchhandels and convened by Prof. Dr. Georg Götz (Gießen), is an economic assessment of the book market. The topics to be discussed include book quality and variety, the industry structure in general and the substitutability between the online and offline sales channel from the viewpoint of the consumers. A special emphasis will be placed on the analysis of fixed book price systems, which can generally be seen as a form of Resale Price Maintenance (RPM). We invite both theoretical and empirical papers on the book market as well as on the competition between online and offline sales channels in general. Policy oriented papers are also welcome as are experimental once, in particular if they have a focus on the importance of advice in the sales process.

To discuss all these topics, the workshop brings together researchers, competition experts and practitioners.

More Information can be found here.


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