CONF: Leaf or page: What it means to ‘read’ a manuscript, Hamburg, 22-23 June 2018

Our associated scholar Carlos Spoerhase has shared with us the announcement of a conference he’s co-organizing with Christian Benne (Copenhagen) at Hamburg University’s Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures later this month. We’re glad to pass this info along to our followers:

Workshop: “Leaf or Page: What It Means to ‘Read’ a Manuscript”

Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures

Raum 0001, Warburgstraße 26, 20354 Hamburg

Whether a manuscript consists of (autographical) leaves or (allographical) pages depends on the perspective. When, how, and why do leaves turn into pages – and vice versa? Does the reading of a manuscript necessarily entail the putting aside of autographical elements? How can the handwritten nature of a text be accounted for under the conditions of a reading practice that was developed with print culture’s understanding of the page in mind? These questions seem pertinent not least in the context of novel editing techniques: manuscript leaves become facsimiles and transcribed pages, which ostensibly demand novel reading strategies, but do not deliver them automatically alongside the edition itself. Something similar could be said about the digital representation of manuscripts on two-dimensional screens. With the help of selected examples, the workshop will try to reconsider interpretation and reading in the light of the manuscript. It will consist of a number of presentations and discussions, not formal lectures. For interested guests from other disciplines, there will be an English summary at the end of each day, as well as a talk in English (including discussion).

Workshop Registration:

Below, you find the preliminary program, but please make sure to check the official website for updates.

Freitag, 22.6.2018
13.00 Ankunft
13.15-14.00 Christian Benne (Kopenhagen) & Carlos Spoerhase (Bielefeld): Einführung
14.00-15.00 Christine Haug (München): Die andere Seite des verlegerischen Geschäftsbriefs: Formular und Tabelle
15.30-16.30 Alexander Knopf (Frankfurt/Kopenhagen): Ad marginem. Zur Topografie der Schrift am Beispiel eines Novalis-Manuskripts
16.30-17.30 Sarah Pines (Die WELT): Blätter aus dem George-Kreis
The following section will be in English
18.00-18.15 Recap of discussion
18.15-19.15 Huiwen Helen Zhang (Tulsa): First to Final. The Concurrence of Poetics and Pondering

Samstag, 23.6.2018
9.15-10.15 Christoph König (Osnabrück): Verstehen nach der Zeile? Anmerkungen zur neuen historisch-kritischen Edition von Goethes Faust II
10.15-11.15 Heike Gfrereis (Stuttgart): Friedrich Hölderlins Wasserzeichen der Poesie.
11.45-12.45 Klaus Müller-Wille (Zürich): „Genau dieses Stück Papier, was wir hier sehen“ – Zur Dialektik von Seite und Blatt in H.C. Andersens poetologischen Märchen
14.45-15.45 André Schüller-Zwierlein (Universitätsbibliothek Regensburg): Das Manuskript als Kunstform. Eugen Gomringers Gedicht „Dinge in Verbindung mit anderen Dingen“
15.45-16.45 Gabriele Wix (Bonn): Lawrence Weiner. Notebooks
The following section will be in English:
17.15-17.30 Recap of discussion
17.30-18.30 Rüdiger Campe (Yale): The ‘scene of writing’ revisited
18.30-19.00 Abschluss/Closing discussion (in English and German)


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