Call for Posters: Junior Forum of the IBG Conference: The Future of Reading, 20-22 September 2017

How will we go about reading in another twenty, thirty or even fifty years? Will autonomously operating reading devices link up with one another and exchange information and stories tailored to the needs and reading habits of the user? Will readers vote via App on alternative endings of a multi-sensory novel? Will publishing houses become data centres and distributors of hybrid texts and will book stores and libraries become a meeting place for caffeineaddicted Digital Natives? As a space for possibilities, the future will offer lots of room for visions, speculations and, above all, the desire to know how we want to read in the future.
The Call for Posters within the framework of the annual conference of the Internationale Buchwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft (IBG) offers a younger generation of scholars the opportunity to present their thoughts for the future and join in on a conversation with the speakers and participants. We are looking for interdisciplinary theory-based contributions which describe future functions, practices and the importance of the cultural technique of reading within the context of digitization, draft visions for the process of reading or learning to read in an environment of media convergence or develop scenarios for the role of the reader in the book market in the year 2050.
For the duration of the conference, selected posters will be publicly exhibited in the foyer of the Literaturhaus and presented in a Gallery Walk by the authors themselves (duration per poster: 10 minutes).
Please send your completed poster (DINA0, pdf-format) and a brief academic CV no later than 15 June, 2017, to Dr. Anke Vogel ( and Stefan Salamonsberger (
The contributions submitted will be subjected to a selection procedure, whereby the focus will be on specific content aspects as well as the realization as a poster (clear structure, expressiveness, readability, innovative realization).

You can download the call as a PDF here.


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