Call for panel submissions: Books and home, SIEF congress, 26-30 March 2017, Göttingen

Re-posted from SHARP-L:

Abstracts are invited to the panel “Books create a home. Exploring books and reading practices as domestic symbols and rituals” at the 13th international SIEF congress in sief_logoGöttingen, 26-30 March 2017 (SIEF is the International Society for Ethnology and Folklore). Abstracts should be submitted by 7 November 2016 via this link.

The panel explores the complex relationship between books and home.

Books have been an essential part of living-room interiors since the nineteenth century, and they have provided means for demonstrating class, education and ideology. Silent reading and reading aloud have also been a vital part of intimate family life. Today, digital technologies are changing the role of books and bookshelves. What are the books that people still want to keep in their homes, and why? What new practices and rituals of reading can be observed in the 21st century? How has the e-book affected the role of books and reading at home?

Voluntary or forced migrations give new meanings to books and reading.

Migrants and refugees can most often take a minimal amount of material goods with them. Which books are carried in the luggage as symbols of home? What kinds of old and new reading practices can be observed in immigrant communities?

Libraries have served as “alternative homes” especially for workers and immigrants, who often have had limited means to buy books and limited possibilities for reading in peace. How are the domestic features of libraries experienced and discussed? How have librarians reacted to these expectations?

Reading practices and books as material objects interest scholars in the fields of ethnology, folklore studies, book history, linguistics and information studies. In our session, we are going to promote multi-disciplinary discussion on these questions.

Convenors: Kirsti Salmi-Niklander (University of Helsinki) and Silja Juopperi (University of Tampere).


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