New publication: RIDE, Issue 4

The Cologne-based Institute for Documentology and Scholarly Editing just published issue 4 of RIDE, a review journal for digital editions and resources. As in the previous three issues, this issue consits of 5 reviews (3 in English, 2 in German) that critically assess publicly available scholarly digital editions. The editors of this issue are Franz Fischer, Ulrike Henny and Philipp Steinkrüger.

For your convenience, this is the table of contents:

• Cervantes and the Golden Age Theatre: First Attempts Towards a Digital Scholarly Editorial Model, by Susanna Allés Torrent

• Digital Thoreau, by Aodhán Kelly

• Hugo von Montfort: Das poetische Werk, by Torsten Schaßan

• Paul Klee – Bildnerische Form- und Gestaltungslehre, by Martina Scholger

• Welscher Gast digital, by Helmut W. Klug

All reviews can be accessed for free via the webpage:



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