New book series: “Written Media – Perspectives in Communication and Book Studies” (de Gruyter)

Our associated9783110420951 scholar Ute Schneider has asked me to inform all of you about a new book series that may be of interest to you. “Written Media – Perspectives in Communication and Book Studies” is edited by Heinz Bonfadelli (Zurich/CH), Ursula Rautenberg (Erlangen/D) and Ute Schneider (Mainz/D) and published by de Gruyter (Berlin).

In recent years the field of book studies has been reconceptualized, moving away from a primarily historical and narrative focus. This change, triggered in part by new media, has involved an expansion in the range of research questions considered as well as their theoretical underpinnings. Analysis of the forms of communication used in written media form an essential aspect of this new approach. Conceptually, the series is based on an understanding of written media found in interdisciplinary perspectives as well as communication and media studies. Accordingly, the volumes published in the series will not focus solely on media such as books, newspapers, and journals, but also address the broader dimensions of communication in written media overall. This proven approach in research and teaching is integrative and thus has many points of intersection to neighboring disciplines. The series publishes works that explore the problem-solving potential of book studies when it avails itself of interdisciplinary perspectives to assess written communication in the past and present.

The first two volumes are:

Vol. 1: Henschel, Ulrike: Vermittler des Rechts. Juristische Verlage von der Spätaufklärung bis in die frühe Nachkriegszeit. 2015.

Vol. 2: Weichselbaumer, Nikolaus: Der Typograph Hermann Zapf. Eine Werkbiografie. 2015.

Please see the series overview for more information.

Feel free to contact the editors or the publisher if you are interested in publishing a book within the series or have any questions regarding the publications.


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