CfP: The St Andrews Book Conference 2016. Conflict and Controversy. 16-18 June 2016

Our associated scholar Jan Hillgärtner has asked us to inform our readers and followers about the upcoming St Andrews Book Conference 2016.

This conference will explore the relationship between conflict and print in the early modern world. Within the spectrum of contemporary media, what role did print play in promoting or challenging controversial ideas? What tactics or subterfuges did authors or printers employ? How, and with what success, did the civic and ecclesiastical authorities attempt to control or limit areas of debate?

This conference will also mark the launch of the next phase of the USTC, with an extension of its coverage to 1650. This brings into purview a dynamic age of printing which is far less studied bibliographically than that of previous generations.This was an era that witnessed the Thirty Years War – a hugely disruptive conflict in one of the principal zones of European printing. Tumultuous conflict also enveloped France and England, while the Low Countries, in contrast, witnessed the emergence of a new great power and book emporium in the seventeenth-century Dutch Republic. This was also the era that witnessed the birth of the newspapers and the substitution of the woodcut for engraving as the dominant form of book illustration.

The organisers welcome submissions on any aspect of conflict or controversies, religious, political, economic, or scientific; they will also consider conflicts within the book industry stimulated by the extraordinary challenges posed by unfolding events. The papers given at this conference will form the basis of an edited volume in Brill’s Library of the Written Word.

Co-organised by Graeme Kemp and Sandy Wilkinson, the conference will take place between 16 and 18 June 2016. Those interested in giving a paper are asked to offer a title and a brief synopsis (300 words) of their proposed contribution. Proposals should be sent to Graeme Kemp ( by 31 January 2016.

The papers given at this conference will form the basis of a volume in the Library of the Written Word.

A conference flyer can be downloaded here.


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