Scholarships for book history related summer schools – apply now

SHARPAny and all book history related summer schools are invited to apply for SHARP scholarships. The SHARP scholarship fund is available to summer schools based in any region. Please note that we would also be delighted to feature information on book history related summer schools in the German-speaking area on our blog – feel free to contact us directly in case of interest.

Here are more details on the SHARP scholarships, as posted on SHARP-L by the society’s president Ian Gadd:

For the past four years, SHARP has been providing members with the opportunity to attend short, residential courses of relevance to book history in its broadest form in the US, Canada, and most recently New Zealand. Specifically, it has provided scholarships at the Rare Book School at the University of Virginia, the Digital Humanities Summer Institute at the University of Victoria in Canada, the California Rare Book School, and the New Zealand Rare Book School.

In order to broaden its support of such activities, SHARP has decided to set aside a separate fund to support scholarships, and is asking Rare Book Schools, Institutes, and other scholarly organisations that offer such courses to apply for three-years’ worth of scholarship support from SHARP. Applications will be assessed by the Executive Council, and the final judgement along with specific allocations of funds will be made by the Board of Directors at their meeting in Montreal in July.
Any School, Institute or other scholarly organisation that offers short residential courses of relevance to book history in its broadest form is welcome to apply. SHARP-supported scholarships will take the following form:

  • The scholarships will be known as ‘SHARP Scholarships’ in all publicity materials, and we will provide the SHARP logo for this purpose.
  • They will available only to SHARP members: SHARP will assist in verifying an individual applicant’s membership status.
  • Awards should only be given to graduate students, post-docs, junior faculty, adjunct professors, and those within 5 years of their last awarded degree in any discipline.
  • Preference will be given to applicants applying from countries outside that of the host institution.
  • The host organisation will assess applications for the scholarship and recommend a list of recipients. This list will be sent to the President of SHARP for final approval.
  • The President of SHARP will co-sign letters/emails informing applicants of their success.
  • Host institutions may, at their discretion, allow recipients up to two years to take up their award.
  • Successful applicants will be announced via SHARP-L, the SHARP website and social media platforms, and also in the SHARP Newsletter.
  • Successful applicants will be expected to provide a report for SHARP News within six months of taking the course.
  • Payments will be made annually, in January, to the host School or Institute from 2016 onwards. All payments to the successful applicants will be handled by the host organisation.
  • The host organisation will provide a brief report to SHARP every year.

Letters of application (max. 1000 words) should be emailed to by 15 June 2015. Please include the following:

  • a description of the host organisation;
  • a brief description of relevant courses;
  • likely course fees and likely living costs;
  • what other scholarships the host organisation currently offers;
  • the minimum and preferred number of scholarships to be supported;
  • an indicative timeline for advertising, selecting, and awarding the scholarships;
  • and an explanation of why SHARP’s support would be beneficial to both the host organisation and the individual recipients.

We have not yet confirmed how much support we will be able to provide, but as a guide, organisations can apply for up to $9,000 in total (to cover three years’ of scholarships). Successful organisations may be offered more or less than the figure they request. Applications will be assessed by members of SHARP’s Executive Council, the results of which will be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval at the annual conference in Montreal in early July. Successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified immediately after the conference.


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