Conference: The review. Current trends in literary criticism. IBG annual conference, Bamberg, 9-10 July 2015

IBG-2015The Internationale Buchwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft (IBG) will hold its sixteenth annual conference from 9-10 July this year, hosted by the Institut für Germanistik (Neuere deutsche Literaturwissenschaft) and the Institut für Kommunikationswissenschaft at the Otto-Friedrich-Universität in Bamberg. The conference is devoted to current trends in literary criticism, a “hot topic” this year in Book Studies – several conferences and symposia in 2015 are devoted to literary reviews and the state of reviewing in the digital age. This conference will also deal with literary reviews more generally and look at actors and institutions involved in the reviewing process – offline and online. Prof. Dr. Andrea Bartl and Prof. Dr. Markus Behmer are the conference conveners. More information on the program and registration can be found here.


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