Lecture Series: “The Materiality of Text” at Berlin State Library

BerlinSchriftlichkeitDuring the upcoming academic year, the Berlin State Library and the research group “Arbeitskreis Materialität der Literatur” will host a series of talks on the material dimensions of text. The organizers want to initiate conversations and collaborations between literary scholars, book historians, librarians, and other specialists on this subject. A central aim is to foster a more dynamic interplay between object-oriented literary and cultural theories and questions arising from the concrete practices of archives and libraries.

The series is titled “Die Materialität von Schriftlichkeit: Bibliothek und Forschung im Dialog” and starts on October 28 with a lecture on Johann Gottfried Herder and the modern manuscript book by Carlos Spoerhase, one of our associated scholars.

You can find out about the rest of the program and register to attend individual events on this official website.


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