SHARP Conference in Antwerp coming up!

1374657596The 22nd annual SHARP conference is coming up next week in Antwerp (17-21 September). This year’s theme is “Religions of the Book”. Four members of our network will be presenting at the conference: Christian Berrenberg (Cologne) will present a paper entitled “‘Newspaper and protocol are the pride of an organisation with traditions’: Creating a socialist community by means of a handwritten newspaper”, Doris Lechner (Freiburg) looks into “Popular History and Religion in the Mid-Victorian Family Magazine: A Comparative Reading of the Leisure Hour”, Corinna Norrick-Rühl (Münster/Mainz) will be talking about “Religions of the Book – on a Small Scale: Religious Diversity in Carlsen’s Pixi-Bücher”, and Dagmar Riedel will co-present a keynote panel with Emile Schrijver (Amsterdam) on “The Study of Jewish and Islamic Books as a Challenge to Book History.” Finally, the newest member of our network, Sarah Ströer (Münster), will discuss “Verbal Violence in Print: the Marprelate Tracts and Religious Conflicts in Elizabethan England”. In addition, we are delighted to see that the final program features a number of further papers and panels as well as digital showcases conducted by German-area scholars or focusing on book history with a broader German-area interest.

Full program: [pdf]
You can follow the conference on Twitter: @SharpAntwerp & #sharp14


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