Conference: The Post-Digital Scholar: Open Access, Piracy and Public Spheres, 12-14 November 2014, Lüneburg, Germany

PDS_Poster_30714We are delighted to share this invitation to an upcoming conference in Lüneburg, Germany, at the Leuphana University. “The Post-Digital Scholar Conference: Open Access, Piracy and Public Spheres” is chaired by Mercedes Bunz, Nishant Shah, Michael Dieter, Andreas Kirchner (Hybrid Publishing Lab, Leuphana University). For three days, publishers, researchers, programmers, designers, artists, and entrepreneurs will discuss how research and publishing in the humanities have changed over the past decade. The promising program features several national and international experts on the digital book, such as Prof. Dr. Adriaan van der Weel (Leiden University), Prof. Dr. Christoph Bläsi (Mainz University) and Sven Fund (de Gruyter). The conference will explore new tools for gathering knowledge, examine platforms for multimedia publishing, or collaborative writing experiments.

More information can be found here. Registration is free (link to registration form).



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