Event: Digital Humanities Day 2014. Methods, Technologies, Horizons (30 June, JGU Mainz)

The university library of Johannes Gutenberg-University (JGU) Mainz is holding a “Digital Humanities Day” on June 30, 2014. The event consists of two workshops (workshop 1: Projects and Methods of Digital Humanities in Mainz; workshop 2: Support and TechnPlakatA2DHTag2014_260pxologies for Digital Humanities) and an evening lecture and podium discussion. The evening lecture will be held by Prof. Dr. Fotis Jannidis (Würzburg University), and the podium discussion will feature scholars from Mainz (Prof. Ulrich Breuer, Prof. Stephan Füssel, Prof. Dr. Silvia Hansen-Schirra [all JGU], Prof. Dr. Kai-Christian Bruhn [FH Mainz]) and Cologne (Prof. Dr. Manfred Thaller) and Prof. Jannidis as well.

Guests are welcome to attend. No registration is necessary for the evening events; for participation in the workshops, please register here for the workshops. The entire program, including abstracts for the individual papers, can be found here.


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