Conference: Suhrkamp & European Literature (13-14 March 2014)

The Deutsches Literalogo-deutsches-literaturarchivturarchiv Marbach is hosting a bilingual conference on “Suhrkamp & European Literature” next week (13-14 March 2014)

PROGRAMME (Download available here)

 Thursday, 13 March 2014

2 pm

Anna Kinder, Marbach: Welcome

Ben Hutchinson, Canterbury: Introduction

2.30 pm

Ingo Cornils, Leeds: Hermann Hesse: a model European?

3.15 pm

Alexander Gallus, Chemnitz: Tradition und Kultur bei T.S. Eliot und die europäische Reintegration Deutschlands nach 1945

4 pm

Coffee break

4.30 pm

Dirk van Hulle, Antwerpen: “Don’t know why he likes me or why I like him”: Beckett, Adorno and Suhrkamp

5.15 pm

Mark Nixon, Reading: Samuel Beckett and Suhrkamp

8 pm

Leonard Olschner, London: Evening lecture: Paul Celan as European “agent”

Friday, 14 March 2014

9 am

Guided tour: The Siegfried Unseld Archiv

9.45 am

Hanna Klessinger, Freiburg i. Br.: Endspiel 1968. Beckett und seine Wirkung in politisierten Zeiten

10.30 am

Coffee break

11 am

Lucie Taïeb, Brest: Nelly Sachs and the view from Sweden

11.45 am

Ian Cooper, Canterbury: Durs Gruenbein and the concept of Europe

12.30 pm


2 pm

Rebecca Braun, Lancaster: “Der Verleger oder Die Lust am Buch”: Siegfried Unseld, Gender Politics and Group Dynamics in Late Twentieth-Century Ideas of “European Literature”

2.45 pm

Lucie Campos, Paris: Suhrkamp’s construction of Europe

4 pm

Conference closing

Please register by email:

Conference convener: Prof. Dr. Ben Hutchinson — Professor of European Literature — University of Kent — E-Mail:


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