Event: Mainzer Kolloquium 2014: West German Book Market History (1949-1989)

The conference series “MBild1ainzer Kolloquium” is an annual event held at Mainz Institute for Book Studies on the last Friday in January. This year’s “Mainzer Kolloquium” – the 19th consecutive conference in the series – will focus on West German book market history. The one-day, interdisciplinary conference on January 31 is the kick-off event for a new large-scale project that the organizers Prof. Dr. Stephan Füssel and Prof. Dr. Ute Schneider have taken on as editors: the volume “Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1949-1989” of de Gruyter’s series “Geschichte des deutschen Buchhandels im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert“, which is coordinated and overseen by the historical committee of the German booksellers and publishers association (Historische Kommission des Börsenvereins des deutschen Buchhandels). All aspects of the book market, from production to distribution and reception, will be analyzed in the volume. Accordingly, the conference will bring together scholars from a variety of disciplines and book industry experts, among others Heinrich Riethmüller, who runs the German bookstore chain Osiander and has recently been elected as the representative head of the German booksellers and publishers association.

The entire program can be downloaded here. There is no conference fee and all those interested are invited to attend.

The conference is sponsored by the International Gutenberg-Society, the German booksellers and publishers association, and the Alumni Club of the Mainz Institute for Book Studies.


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