Job opportunities: PhD Scholarships at King’s College London – Germany during the Occupation (1945-49)

This call for applications (in particular part A) from King’s College is relevant to book historians working in and on Germany in the 20th century.Kings College London logo


The Departments of English and German at King’s College London are seeking well-qualified applicants for two fully-funded PhD scholarships attached to the European Research Council project “Beyond Enemy Lines: Literature and Film in the British and American Zones of Occupied Germany, 1945-1949”. In 2013, Dr Lara Feigel from the Department of English won funding of €1.7million for a major research project on Anglo-American-German cultural relations in the British and American zones of postwar occupied Germany. Funding is available for two PhD studentships, to be jointly supervised by the Department of German. The projects will be refined in the light of the interests and strengths of the candidates but will be drawn from the following areas of research:

A) The Influence of the British and American Occupiers on Postwar German Literature, 1945-1955

This project will address an aspect of the engagement of postwar German literature with British and American literature in general and more specifically with the British and American writers involved in the Control Commissions. Possible areas of research include, but are not limited to, comparative studies of British and German ‘rubble literature,’ or the dissemination and reception of Anglophone American literature in Germany.

B) Cultural Exchange or Domination by Hollywood? American and German Cinema, 1945-1955

This project will address both US and German film policy and practice in postwar Germany; possible topics include the role of exile practitioners in shaping post-war US-German film relations, and the dissemination and reception of US films in the immediate postwar period.

Candidates are actively encouraged to contact us to discuss their projects, and we welcome any questions. Please address all initial queries to Dr Ben Schofield:; 020 7848 2113.


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