Society for Book Research in Austria, Vienna


Guest Post by Murray G. Hall (Gesellschaft für Buchforschung in Österreich/Institut für Germanistik, Universität Wien)

The Gesellschaft für Buchforschung in Österreich is the only institution in Austria which deals exclusively with book history. Its aim is to promote in-depth research on the book trade in Austria and to co-ordinate studies in the field as well as to keep a running bibliography of new publications and point to deficits in book history scholarship.

The focus of interest comprises the entire large territory of the Habsburg Monarchy up to 1918 and its successor states with its many nations and languages – from Czernowitz, Lemberg, Prague, Vienna to Budapest, Novi Sad, Zara and Hermannstadt – , as well as the First and Second Austrian Republics.

This multitude of interests also covers a variety of aspects, from writers to readers, from book production with paper, binding, type-setting, printing to publishing and selling to libraries, censorship, etc. This includes books, brochures, newspapers and other periodicals, sheet music, maps and charts, posters and so on.

The society would like to see itself as an advisor to scholars outside of Austria and also provides bibliographical information. Furthermore, it is interested in cooperating with similar institutions abroad.

A newsletter Mitteilungen is published twice a year to keep members informed of the society’s activities in the form of articles, reviews, reports on research projects and bibliographies of recent publications. In addition, a book series, Buchforschung. Beiträge zum Buchwesen in Österreich, is published by Otto Harrassowitz, Wiesbaden.

The annual membership fee for regular members is € 25, students € 15, libraries and university institutes € 36, sponsors from € 72 on. Further information via office[at] The Society has its own bilingual website (


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