Book History Graduate Student Essay Prize 2013 goes to our associated scholar Birgitte Beck Pristed

At the 21st annual SHARP conferenSHARPce in Philadelphia, USA, Book History editors Jonathan Rose and Ezra Greenspan announced this year’s Book History Graduate Student Essay Prize. We are very pleased to share the news that the 2013 Essay Prize was awarded to our associated scholar Birgitte Beck Pristed for her article: “Glasnost Noire: The Soviet and Post-Soviet Publication and Reception of James Hadley Chase.” The prize-winning article will appear in Book History volume 16 (2013), pages 329 to 363.

On Sunday, in the Annual General Meeting of SHARP, Jonathan Rose explained that the article deals with Englishman James Hadley Chase’s extremely violent crime fiction. His work was criticized in the English-speaking world, but in Russia, Chase was widely read, even through regime changes. Jonathan Rose has given us permission to quote from his laudation of Birgitte Beck Pristed’s article. Jonathan Rose stated: “It is remarkable that a Danish student at a German university [JGU Mainz] is so much at home working with English and Russian texts, and explores as well non-Russian publishing in what was the Soviet Union. Her essay is a sterling example of the kind of transnational book history that we should be doing more of.”

We congratulate Birgitte Beck Pristed on this award and look forward to reading the article in the forthcoming issue of Book History!


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