Conference: News and the Shape of Europe, 1500-1750 (26-28 July 2013, Queen Mary, University of London)

The following conference announcement comes to us via Jan Hillgärtner (Buchwissenschaft, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg):

This upcoming major news history conference will feature 40 speakers from across Europe and the Americas, and will contribute to a new pan-European history of news, which has been the driving force behind and ultimate aim of the Leverhulme international network, News Networks in Early Modern Europe.
How did news cross Europe, and how did news make Europe? News in early modern Europe was a distinctively transnational phenomenon; its topics were international in scope; the forms and terminologies of news, as well as the news itself, crossed national boundaries; practices of news-gathering relied on networks of international agents; it was widely translated; it travelled along commercial routes, or through postal networks that were designed to be mutually connected; and the forces attempting to control the press operated (or attempted to operate) well outside of their actual jurisdiction. The spread of news and the appetite for it reflect changes in the geopolitical and confessional maps of Europe, spreading through ethnic and religious diasporas as well as diplomatic, mercantile, and scholarly networks. It helped forge communities on a local, national and international scale.
‘News and the Shape of Europe, 1500-1750’ will explore ways in which this history – history on a grand scale, and grounded in uncharted landscapes of evidence – can be written.

The program can be downloaded here.
Follow the symposium on Twitter at #EMnews2013.


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