Our Conference in Freiburg, 9-10 May, 2013, including abstracts!

Our 1.5-day kick-off conference (download the flyer here), held in May of 2013, gave us the chance to hear about scholarly work on the D-A-CH area as well as by German-speaking scholars. We heard from scholars representing several different disciplinary perspectives; the papers spanned the late 14th to 21st centuries and dealt with manuscripts, book bindings, typography, publishing archives, editorial strategies and more. Most importantly, however, we dedicated a panel-length session to the foundation of a research network. We were delighted that our conference was able to bring together scholars from the UK, the USA, Israel, Switzerland, and Germany. We were in agreement on the necessity for closer collaboration and communication in particular. Inspired by the blog that the Nordisk Forum for Boghistorie has put together, we decided to launch this blog. Furthermore, during the Freiburg conference, a study group on the relationship between texts and images (in books, periodicals, etc.) was founded. The study group’s goals are to hold a workshop in 2014 and collaborate on a special issue of a journal in the near future.
Overall, the conference proved how wide-spread book and print historical research is amongst German-speaking scholars not only in Europe, but worldwide. It also underlined how much research potential is to be found in the D-A-CH area because our archives house a wealth of relevant materials. In addition, the conference brought to light many exciting possibilities for collaboration between dedicated scholars. and foremost however, we took first steps towards better visibility of German-language research and towards closer collaboration. We thank SHARP and the English department of the University of Freiburg for the financial support of this conference!

Program overview (including most abstracts)


Stefanie Lethbridge (Freiburg im Br.); with Doris Lechner (Freiburg im Br.) and Corinna Norrick-Rühl (Mainz)

1st Panel

David Oels (Mainz): Sachbuch – Wissenstransfer in der Populärkultur

Silke Körber (Berlin): Das illustrierte Sachbuch. Strukturmerkmale und Entwicklungen im 20. Jahrhundert

Simone Zweifel (Basel/Luzern): Vermehren und verbessern. Zur Produktion von Kompilationen im späten 16. Jahrhundert

Keynote Address

Bill Bell (Cardiff/Göttingen): The Mahout on the Elephant: In Search of the Paratext

2nd Panel

Sandra Martina Schwab (Mainz): The History of a Forgotten Bestseller: Richard Johnson’s The Seven Champions of Christendom

Anette Löffler (Frankfurt am Main): Die Libri de schismate – Überlegungen zum Umgang mit schismatischen Traktaten

3rd Panel

Birgitte Beck Pristed (Karlsruhe): Pavel Florenskij, Vladimir Favorskij und die Russische Buchkunst

Alexander Starre (Berlin): The Organic Book: William Addison Dwiggins, Alfred A. Knopf, and the Graphic Design of American Literature

Network Discussion (including short presentations on Nordisk Forum for Boghistorie by Birgitte Beck Pristed and on forthcoming Brockhaus project by Alberto Gabriele)

Corinna Norrick-Rühl (Mainz)

4th Panel

Charlotte Kempf (Freiburg im Br.): Johannes Heynlin von Stein und der Beginn der Druckgeschichte Frankreichs

Michele K. Troy (Hartford): The Albatross Verlag and Nazi Censorship

5th Panel

William A. Kelly (Edinburgh): Sixteenth-century German Imprints in Edinburgh Libraries: A Contribution to the Further Geographical Coverage of VD16

Steffi Dippold (Stanford): The Widow Factor: Gendered Transatlantic Networks of Colonial Bookmaking

Closing Remarks and Discussion

Doris Lechner (Freiburg)


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